The State of New and Used Cars: Should You Fix or Trade?

The pandemic affected a lot of things, including the automotive industry. The vehicle market for used cars and trucks saw a huge shortage that was immediately followed by new production delays, which means that the market value of pre-owned cars is quite high right now. For those who have a car that is older and

What’s That Rattling Noise? How to Prevent Timing Chain Failure

Engine timing is one of the most critical yet poorly understood elements of maintaining a vehicle. Chances are good you know that your engine oil, transmission fluid, and even brake fluid need to be changed periodically.  However, did you know that your timing chain will also need to be replaced and if it fails before

Should I Have My Rotors Resurfaced or Replaced? 

Normally, when car owners service their brake system, the most common form of maintenance is changing the brake pads. Changing brake pads on a vehicle is a relatively simple job and can be relatively inexpensive, depending on the vehicle.  Most people with a basic knowledge of cars can change their own brake pads in a

What You Should Know About Your Vehicle’s Alignment

If you’ve ever done a quick internet search for “How do I know if my wheels are aligned,” then it’s likely that you’ll see a few different terms thrown around with some variation of these words: camber, toe-in, or toe-out, caster, etc… But how exactly does this affect your driving experience? And more importantly, can

What Is a PCV Valve and How Is It Costing You Money?

All modern vehicles have an emissions control system. You might be familiar with some components of that system, such as oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. PCV valves are also part of the system but are not as well-known. However, despite that, if your PCV valve is failing, it could be costing you money. In this

Fix it up or trade it in? How to tell and what to do

If you’ve ever owned a car, you’ve probably found yourself in the following scenario: You just got a repair bill in the thousands. Your vehicle has been showing some signs of aging. While browsing the internet, you see an ad for a brand new car for just $400 per month. The idea of shedding that

How to pick the right gas at the pump: a guide

Most people assume that all gasoline of the same octane level is the same. An 89 at one station is the same as an 89 at another station. So is a 93, and so on. However, there are actually substantial differences among different brands of gasoline all around the United States. This is true whether

The truth about gasoline direct injection | How to care for your GDI engine

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) has been celebrated as a grand achievement by automakers. It’s the latest fuel delivery technology and industry titans tout its better performance and better fuel economy. It’s not just all industry hype either. GDI engines have produced some impressive results. One example of GDI success is in the Mazda 3. When

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