What does ADAS mean to you? How to care for your driver assistance tech

Over the last several years, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology has evolved at lightning speed. New advancements in ADAS have made cars safer, more reliable and more integrated with other technology. However, they have also added new features to cars which must be maintained just like its mechanical components. Understanding what the ADAS systems in

Fluid Flushes: Are they really worth it? What you Need to Know

These days, it can seem very difficult to tell which services are being recommended because they are important and which ones are recommended only because they make money for the shop. Fluid flushes are a common service that customers ask about. And this makes sense. There are no warning lights or reminders to flush your

Is your Mechanic ASE Certified? What it is and Why it matters

While many people have heard the term “ASE Certified” before, they may not know what it stands for or how important it is. However, when it comes to finding the right care for your vehicle, the blue ASE Certified sticker is something you should always look for. What is an ASE Certification ASE stands for

The Top 10 Most Common Car Repairs in America

Car trouble is never easy. However, sometimes it’s good to know that the problem you’re having isn’t unique to you. While proper maintenance can go a long way towards keeping your car healthy, the reality is that you will need to repair things along the way. Knowing the problems you might face in advance could

Not All Brakes are Created Equal | Ceramic vs. Metallic Brake Pads

It is impossible to overstate how important your brakes are to your vehicle. They are your first and most important safety device. However, beyond knowing what they are, most people know surprisingly little about these essential items. The components in your brakes that comes into contact with your wheel rotors are called brake pads. Brake

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