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Strut Daddy’s founder, Matt Lofton, has deep roots in the automotive industry. From tinkering with cars as a teenager to being a driver and then owning his own race team, Matt has over 15 years experience in the aftermarket autoparts industry. Combining his loves of all things automotive and helping people, Matt opened Strut Daddy’s Complete Car Care in 2015. Matt’s experience running his race shop made him see the auto mechanic industry from a different perspective.

First and foremost, Matt saw the necessity in continuing education. Both technology and mechanics of vehicles change almost daily and one has to stay well-educated to provide the best diagnostics and service. Also, he understands that a well-trained mechanic can easily explain why services are necessary to a customer, making them more confident in their service decision and helps provide an overall better customer experience. Strut Daddy’s goal is to provide the everyday driver with superior service, which is why we have the most advanced technology. It is also why our ASE-certified technicians undergo ongoing monthly training.

Cleanliness is also a priority at Strut Daddy’s. A clean, stocked lobby lets our customers know that we care about their experience. Strut Daddy’s offers comfortable chairs, cable TV, complimentary drinks and a snack bar and free Wi-Fi to make waiting as pain-free as possible. Cleanliness extends further to the garage to better serve the customer. Matt learned that the more organized and clean a shop is, the easier it is for mechanics to find the proper parts, tools, and anything else necessary to perform the job seamlessly. When garage floors are cleaned between jobs, we can quickly determine fluid leaks and other maintenance issues that would otherwise go undiagnosed. When trash is disposed of and parts and tools are inventoried, there is minimal time loss from the time the car is pulled into the bay until the keys are back in the customer’s hand, getting you back on the road and back to your life!

We also welcome an open dialogue between our shop and the customer. Our mechanics and service writers are glad to answer any questions; we will also provide pictures or even walk you through the garage to see exactly what’s needs repair with your vehicle. We communicate via phone, text, or email if you are not immediately available in the waiting area. Why not be comfortable and confident while enjoying a hassle-free approach to your vehicle maintenance? At our shop, you will be! We like to hear what you thin! In fact, one of the favorite parts of each day is popping online to read the reviews from clients whose expectations were exceeded and clients who were shocked by the personalized service they received.

We have created an atmosphere of quality and care in which everyone feels safe bringing in their vehicles for service and repairs, even if you’re not a “car guy or girl.” From the moment you walk into our shop, you will see and feel the difference. Our luxurious lobby includes padded leather chairs, cable TV, free Wi-Fi, free snack bar, complimentary beverages, and separate men and women’s bathrooms that are always pristine. Our service-first approach has allowed our 2-bay shop in a local manufacturing warehouse to quickly grow into a custom-renovated, 8 bay standalone facility with 7 full-time employees. Why did we choose the name Strut Daddy’s? Matt was fortunate to be sponsored by Strutmasters.com during his racing career. One day in the garage, a competitor started calling him StrutDaddy as a joke, and the nickname stuck. He thought it would be the perfect nod to the industry and a fun name for a repair shop. Since we like to have fun as a team and with the clients we serve, it’s perfect!

We are here to serve, which is why walk-ins are always welcome. Just settle in to our lobby while you wait or call ahead to arrange after hours drop-off/pick- up, to use our free shuttle, or to reserve one of our loaner cars. We strive for same day service and prompt turnaround and will update you by any combination of email, text, video, and photos. Drop off your car with the confidence that all our work is backed by a 12 Month/12,000 Mile Warranty, 24 Month/24,000 Mile Warranty, or 36 Month/36,000 Mile Warranty.

Our Team:

Justin Obie

Customer Service Representative

Joe Dixon

Diagnostic Technician

Jeremiah Rucker

Repair Technician

Collin Tilley

Repair Technician

Hunter Fisk

Service Technician

Marcus Patterson

Quality Control Technician

Bill Senter
Matt Lofton

Shuttle Driver/ Customer Service

Kim Carr

Service Advisor

Matt Lofton


Why Choose StrutDaddy's?

  • Rapid, Accurate Diagnosis & Repair
  • Quality Workmanship, Fair Prices
  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • Customer Care & Convenience
  • Commitment to Our Service-Oriented Code of Ethics
  • Free Shuttle Service Available