Are Preventative Maintenance Inspections Worth It?

Is your car in good shape? Have you noticed any issues lately? Although you may take good care of your vehicle, it is still a good idea to get your car inspected regularly. Most consider it to be one of the most important parts of owning a vehicle. Many states require regular vehicle inspections, although

Getting the Most Life Out of Your Tires

Tire lifespan is important because they are one of the few parts that can cause an accident if something goes wrong with them while driving. Obviously, the most important element is safety – but there are multiple benefits to extending the life of your tires.  They also improve your gas mileage, which ends up saving

Vehicle Software Updates and Why They Are Important

Most people today own a smartphone, a laptop, or both. One of the things that these devices have in common is the need for software updates. These are often used to make a device run faster, handle new processes, or close down vulnerabilities and protect the user. You might also be aware that today’s vehicles

What You Need to Know About CVT Transmissions

Are you aware of the different types of transmissions? Besides just automatic and manual? Do you know what a CVT transmission is and why it can be efficient if it’s installed on your vehicle? This article will discuss what a CVT transmission is and exactly how they work.  Before we begin, it does no good

The Pros and Cons of Electric Cars: The Future or Not?

Just a short time ago, mass-produced electric vehicles were about as realistic as a science-fiction movie. However, things have caught up, and nearly every major manufacturer has released its version of an all-electric vehicle. Many people assume that electric vehicles are a new concept. While the mass-production of electric vehicles may be new, the truth

Don’t Lose Your Spark: How Often Should You Replace Your Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs get their name from the way they ignite fuel in an internal combustion engine. The spark comes when a small gap between two electrodes causes electricity to jump across.  These jumping electrons cause atoms along the path where the electricity travels to split into oxygen molecules and carbon particles. Carbon combines with oxygen

Variable Valve Timing: What it is and Why Maintenance Is So Important

The timing system in a vehicle is responsible for ensuring that the engine fires properly. In this instance, variable valve timing, or VVT for short, is used primarily for emissions control and performance. Over the years, manufacturers have developed several different designs and technologies related to this system to help control the timing and impact

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