What can an engine tune-up do for you? The benefits may surprise you

What’s in a tune-up? While many people know vaguely that this is a good thing for your vehicle, the reality is that the answer depends on your vehicle.

Your car’s engine is a complex machine with many moving parts. While the engines of today run far cleaner, longer and more efficiently than ever, they still need lots of upkeep.

A tune-up is, broadly, a service in which your mechanic does a thorough inspection of your engine and then replaces or repairs all the components that have worn down or aged.

So, there are many services that can be performed at a tune-up. However, the benefits of getting one done regularly are consistent from car to car.

What kinds of services get done during a tune-up

The first and most important service you’ll get during a tune-up is a complete and thorough inspection. This diagnostic test will cover all aspects of your vehicle’s performance.

A proper inspection will test a number of elements. On the mechanical side, technicians will check the engine vacuum to ensure that it is properly sealed and free of exhaust leaks. While looking at the exhaust, your mechanic will also inspect the exhaust emissions.

Your mechanic will also check the ignition timing to make sure there are no startup problems or sensor errors. They will inspect the idle speed and idle mixture also.

The technician who performs your inspection will also thoroughly look over your battery. They will test its voltage and also look for any loose contacts or corrosion.

With most newer cars, the shop will also perform a fault code check to determine if there are any problems that the car’s computer has identified.

Through these tests, the mechanics will know where any problems lie and form a strategy for solving them.

Tune-up part two: Replacements and Repairs

There are some services that are standard for a tune-up. For example, most tune-ups will include an oil change, as well as any fluids that need to be changed at interval. Changing these fluids keeps your engine clean and efficient.

Usually, your mechanic will also change out your spark plugs. This ensures that you’re getting the proper voltage delivered to your engine.
Depending on your mileage, a tune-up often includes brake services. Changing rotors and brake pads keeps stress off of your suspension and steering, helping them last longer.

Lastly, the inspection your mechanics performed earlier will reveal what smaller components need to be changed. Things like air filters, different belts, hoses and other components wear out regularly. Changing these as needed will help ensure that your engine is running at peak efficiency.

The benefits of a tune-up

Keeping your car in peak condition is essential to a long life. Even small problems can have exponential effects.

For example, one bad brake rotor out of four might not seem like a big deal. However, when you brake, the energy that is supposed to be absorbed by that rotor has to go somewhere.

In this scenario, the force of bringing a multiple-thousand pound vehicle to a stop will be absorbed by your car’s suspension system and the other brakes. Strong as they may be, they are not built to withstand the extra wear and tear.

One component functioning poorly directly impacts the rest of the vehicle. This goes for all components, whether mechanical or electrical.

A good, thorough tune-up ensures that all of the parts of your vehicle are working as they should. This means that your vehicle will stay on the road longer and with fewer problems.

StrutDaddy’s provides a top-shelf tune-up

Our goal is to help you keep your car on the road and in pristine condition for as long as possible. We do that through a combination of highly precise diagnosis and expert services.

StrutDaddy’s signature diagnostics give us a thorough understanding of what’s going on inside your vehicle. Combined with the shared knowledge of a network of ASE Certified technicians, we can not only solve the problems you’re having today, but prevent the problems of the future.

We recommend that you bring your car in for a tune-up every two years for its first 70,000 miles, and every year after that. To save on labor fees, schedule your tune-up with your regular oil and filter change.

Get your next tune-up done by the pros. StrutDaddy’s ASE-Certified mechanics provide only the highest quality engine services. To schedule your next tune-up, click here form or call our shop at (336) 599-4911!

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